What to Watch: 02/01/2016

We’re halfway through the bitterest Winter months, and there’s a full complement of shows on the air, but sometimes the best call is to bask in classic 1990s movies of all varieties for a few days.

Angie Tribeca (TBS, 7p)
Yes, I know I have been hawking AT at every week’s beginning, but this episode where Tribeca & Giles go undercover as a pair of newlyweds to bring down a coke-smuggling wedding planner is the Naked Gun-esque’s series high point so far.

No Mas Bebes [PBS, 10p]
This doc discusses how Mexican mothers were coerced into getting sterilized in hospitals during the 1960s and 70s. I’m interested to see if they mention how it was also happening in Puerto Rico at the same time but under false pretenses, which is even more devastating.

Dick Tracy [TMC, 6p]
When this violent trainwreck came out in 1990, I wasn’t allowed to see it (for good reason–sex! a muddled plot! violence! terrible acting!), even though all the kids had bright yellow Dick Tracy lunchboxes. Hindsight, paired with Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This has resulted in relief that I can view this film with a critical, adult lens.


The X-Files improved from its tenth season’s first to second episode, and tonight we see if it can rise anywhere near the delightful insanity of its 1990s episodes (on FOX, of course)…if you enjoy awkward rich Brits, you have a couple choices: if you desire highbrow, Downton Abbey‘s final season marches on over at PBS, but if you feel like descending down to a floor above Benny Hill, check out the delightfully bizarre mock-reality show Almost Royal on BBC.

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