What to Watch: 01/29/2016

As Fridays go, it’s not the worst of line-ups, particularly with a nice New on Netflix type of offering and the finale of one of the more respectable (and adorable) reality competitions. There’s also the return of a monster series that can be polarizing (even within the same person).

MasterChef Junior [FOX, 8p]
It’s the finale and with two finalists, a girl is guaranteed to win–for the first time! Both girls are funny, plucky, and talented chefs. This is an exciting night!

Gringolandia [Netflix]
Adapted from the Chilean web series, fun-loving Peter immigrates to New York to chase his American dream of owning a hot dog stand and all the riches that might entail. However, he soon finds out navigating the hipster world is no easy task.

Grimm [NBC, 9p]
I know I’m not alone in having a hate-watch show (you know, the kind of program you’re drawn to, but are also annoyed at the ridiculous — and yourself for BEING drawn to it). Grimm, with its goofy creatures and melodramatic notes, is it for me, and this one which brings “Juliette” back and focuses on the overblown Trubel, should be one of the most schadenfraude-y of episodes. Although it does seem to have a Monroe and Rosalee C-plot, so that could be genuinely fun.


The spigot has truly gone a bit dry beyond that…there’s a couple programs from the Major Network Shows That Waste Genuine Talent[TM?] file in NBC’s Undateable and ABC’s Dr. Ken…of the schedule-load of reality shows, there’s Bring It and Undercover Boss, which are both generally watchable (if a bit of a guilty treat on the latter)…and a new title, Deadliest Job Interview, which could intrigue some, but kind of just makes me sad.


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