What to Watch: 01/28/2016

There are no shortage of options on a Thursday night — today’s a day you might want to check your DVR is set up for action — but we’re going with the debut of a kooky apocalypse sitcom, the surprisingly solid J-Lo/Ray Liotta cop vehicle…and one of us is digging way into the channel-turning crate for a bit of cool 60-plus year old noir.

You, Me, and the Apocalypse [NBC, 8p]
Ok, so we already have the excellent Last Man on Earth, but who says the small screen world has no room for two bizarrely goofy post-apocalyptic romps. This one boasts Rob Lowe as a priest and the buzz is not half bad.

Shades of Blue [NBC, 9p]
Many say Ray Liotta is carrying this police drama but I am happily surprised with how well J. Lo is portraying her part as a crooked cop compromised by the FBI. During every episode I’m sure her cover is blown but then she finagles her way out of it. Let’s see if her good luck continues tonight.

Ivy [TMC, 8p]
Joan Fontaine is a “scheming murderess” in this pulpy thriller from 1947.


Comedy Central’s line-up of ne’er-do-wells colliding looks especially fun tonight with Blake adopting a cat on Workaholics which could be hilariously discomfiting — or just plain discomfiting, and on the so-far satisfying Idiotsitter, oddest couple Billie and Gene going on a funeral road trip which sounds like it should earn at least 3 “Mads” out of It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad WorldColony on USA has Josh Holloway and a ridiculous, but compelling brave new world of aliens premise which has so far not gone completely off-the-rails…and if that’s not enough over-the-top intrigue, The Blacklist (NBC) has a medieval device murder going on…then there’s Baskets on FX, easily the most original show on the air, if its pilot is any indication, and with Zack G., it probably is, and hopefully it keeps up its measured peculiarity.

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