What to Watch: 01/27/2016

It’s a pretty standard Wednesday, but our suggestions run the range from odd couples on late night shows to better-than-average TV Land sitcommery to a scientific examination of disaster and tragedy.

Younger [TV Land, 10p]
Liza’s adventures continue as a newly single mom of 40 reentering the workforce pretending to be the ripe ol age of 26. How will she continue to keep up this charade through season 2??

Conan [TBS, 11p]
Divine Intervention booked Carol Burnett and Eric Andre.

NOVA: Himalayan Megaquake [PBS, 9p]
PBS’ pre-eminent science program looks behind the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, trying to explain the reasoning behind the enormity of the tragedy, while looking into the mysterious, and still elusive, attempts to try to predict where and when the next tremor will strike.


Criminal Minds (on CBS of course) has been on an impressive run of above-average, character-driven episodes — this week, the BAU is investigating murders at truck stops, so there’s that…Supernatural‘s Sam & Dean grace the CW with an episode about musically driven deaths, which actually sounds like a pretty damn exciting episode…also, there’s the first non-audition episode of American Idol, a preview of next season’s Duck Dynasty, and yet another 2 Broke Girls if you like those sort of things — and if you do, you know where to find them…

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