Tuesday’s Best Reviewed: The Expanse

Tuesday was packed with sci-fi, superheroes, and sitcoms, and mostly it was a well-reviewed kinda day, although Reverse Flash didn’t send people reeling. New Girl survives the lack of the new girl in stride. Brooklyn Nine-Nine benefits from a cruise and a host of cool low-key guest stars. Surprisingly, the day was won by the quietly cult-building Syfy space opera starring Thomas Jane.

Tuesday, January 26th’s Best: The Expanse (8.8/10)


The Expanse hits a watershed moment as it ties together its plots in by all accounts splendid fashion — as AV Club puts it: “We have narrative cohesion!” Henry A. Otero of TV Fanatic gets positively giddy about “the pieces [starting to] fit together nicely” and declares the finale is “going to be killer, trust me.”

The Rest of the Night:

Marvel’s Agent Carter – 8.1

New Girl – 8.0

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 8.0

Pretty Little Liars – 7.0

The Flash – 6.8

Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce – 6.5

The Grinder – 6.0

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