What to Watch: 01/26/2016

Grinders off to grind on their own, perfectly mismatched cops romcomming on the seas, and pandas lead our choices on this fairly packed Tuesday.

The Grinder [FOX, 9:30p]
Looks like Stewart has finally gotten his wish – for Dean to be out of his hair. Dean takes a job offer from another firm (ha, showed Stewart) and  he is actually now practicing law in court, but against his own brother.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [FOX, 9p]
Not to oversell this program, but how can I not rec’ up an episode where Peralta & Santiago go on a sea cruise. The rest of the team-ups are awesome as well as Gina & Terry collabo on machinations surrounding Capt. Holt and some always welcome bantering between Rosa & Charles (hopefully as wonderful as their interplay about his sadly departed dog).

Panda Republic [Animal Planet, 8p]
A look at two organizations in China, trying to breed pandas in captivity in hopes of releasing the cubs into the wild.


It’s New Girl minus the titular new girl as sequestered Jess means probably a lot of chaos at the loft…if you’re a superfan of the Windy City’s essential services, well, NBC is the channel for you tonight…if hunting houses is more your speed, then mosey on over to HGTV…

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