I Mean, Weiiiiiiird!



So, Kid Cudi’s reign as second banana to Scott Aukerman would appear to be over practically before it began. While I found Kid Cudi’s wryly hip take on the bandleader role to be a nice counterweight follow-up to Reggie Watts’ iconic absurdity, is there anyone who grew up in the…well, any of the past four decades who wouldn’t be excited to Pee Wee Herman-on-crack levels to see “Weird Al” Yankovic paired to a favorite show? I suggest that they would not (sorry Kid, we’ll always have Day & Nite)!

Well, apparently the Weird One is coming to IFC’s ultra-quirky version of Aukerman’s only slightly-less quirky podcast.

Perhaps the program’s most frequently recurring guest, Paul F. Tompkins had a fascinating meet-cute with the foremost practitioner of parody. See below…

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