What to Watch: 01/22/2016

If you are a fan of reality programming — particularly for unhealthy eating or (also probably unhealthy) dating, then Friday’s the television night for you. If you find yourself home (as many on the east coast are liable to find themselves) and want other options, we’ve got a few for you…

Grand Hotel [Netflix]
Snowed in? No problem, why not get whisked away to 20th century Spain in this who-done-it drama best described as Downton Abbey meets Fight Club.

Great Performances at the Met [PBS, 9p]
Look, I’m not going to front as a hyper-cultured opera expert, but if you want to dip your toes in the water, there’s worse places to start than Verdi at the Met.

Troop Beverly Hills [HBO, 3:30p]
Take me away from the snow and into the ‘80s, Shelley Long!


If you are interested in National Lampoon’s, you can either check out the underrated sequel National Lampoon’s European Vacation (“Big Ben…Parliament…Big Ben…”) on CMT…there’s also last year’s documentary about the founders, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead on History Channel…then there’s the latest permutation of young alt-comics (well, most are over 40, but still…) presenting a show featuring the same (but very talented and always welcomed) group of friends, Crash Test with Rob Heubel & Paul Scheer at 11pm on Comedy Central

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