What to Watch: 01/14/2016

A busy, busy, busy night as no one feels afraid of competing with the GOP Debates as they banter back and forth for the thirteenth(?) or so time. Our suggestions include a new goofy comedy from a network on a roll for picking up web series, another sitcom that is standing the test of time based on its deft writing, and one of those always engaging PBS baking shows. Bon app!

Idiotsitter [Comedy, 10p]
Comedy Central has shown a knack for plucking quirky comic teams off the web (see Broad City, Workaholics, etc.), and while Idiotsitter looks hit-or-miss on its promos, the early reviews are in and pretty promising. Billie Brown (Charlotte Newhouse)  is shocked when she finds out the “child” she is engaged to nanny turns out to beGene Russell (Jillian Bell), an adult with a Ronnie Dobbs-level penchant for mischief.

A Few Great Bakeries [PBS, 9p]
I love when PBS tours America’s pie shops/ice cream shops/taco huts* Few family-owned bakeries across the world, from Lafayette, Indiana to Juneau, Alaska, and consider these spots as ways to map out your summer road trip.
*not real as far as I know, so consider this a request.

Mom [CBS, 9p]
I forgot how amazing Allison Janney is until I saw her on Ellen recently. Now I am sold on watching her help/annoy her newly sober daughter Christy as she gets her life together. In this episode Bonnie pushes Cristy to get back into the dating world with a rich financier who happens to be Candace’s dad.


The debut of Sawye…I mean Josh Holloway’s new series Colony, second episodes of Jane Lynch’s semi-baffling Angel From Hell, and J-Lo’s (and Henry Hi…I mean Ray Liotta’s) promising Shades of Blue. Also, Liz’s fate is sealed on tonight’s conclusion of The Blacklist, is anyone out there watching the Heroes reboot(?), and dogs get a bunch of awards for being good dogs (yes they are, yes they are) on The World Dog Awards. And, if you really, truly hate yourself, the GOP candidates are battling it out yet again.

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