What to Watch: 01/12/2016

It’s one last rise to the podium for President Barack Obama so he can opine on what adjective the “state of the union” is (my magic 8 ball is says it will be “strong”), as Paul Ryan does a slow burn behind him. However, rumor has it Obama — a year into the dgaf phase of his presidency — might just have something a bit more forceful and unique up his sleeve. Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out. There’s also a new New Girl and a showing of an early Sophia Loren classic tonight.

State of the Union Address [All The Networks, 9p]
As Obama’s term is coming to an end [waaaaaaa] he offers his final address to congress. Thankfully, this does not interfere with New Girl so it’s a win win.

New Girl [FOX, 8p]
And vice versa. It’s time for some classic sitcom tropes directly in the NG wheelhouse, as Jess is less than enthused by her new beau, but loves his parents, while Nick and Schmidt bicker as only the two of them can over who should run the bar.

Boy On A Dolphin [FXM, 1:10p]
FX Movies is, for some reason, showing Sophia Loren’s 1957 English-language debut. (Shot on location, it was Hollywood’s first film in Greece, and an early Cinescope treasure.) Loren is a poor, Greek sponge diver who discovered a priceless artifact and finds herself torn in the bidding war; the artifact should go to Greece, while her heart desires Alan Ladd. DVR it now, before FXM airs the Transformers franchise for the next eight months.

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