What to Watch: 01/07/2016

J-Lo takes series form, Blacklist’s games culminate in Liz’s trial, and people running from bears; yes, it’s a thrilling day in TVland, and here’s What to Watch…oh, there’s some sort of Idol tooting its last horns or something.

Shades of Blue [NBC, 10p]
J. Lo in a pantsuit? Yes, please. She stars in the new crime drama as  NYPD Detective Harlee Santos. She is loyal to both her family in blue who don’t always play by the rules and her daughter. Her loyalties are put to the test when a FBI agent pits her against her own unit in an investigation. Now she struggles as an informant to protect both her coworkers and her family.

The Blacklist [NBC, 9p]
Red Reddington’s life is based on having all the answers, but what will he do when Liz goes on trial. And this week is just part ONE.

Backcountry [Showtime, 8p]
The Revenant isn’t the only inspired-by-a-true-story film about a bear attack. This Canadian film was loosely inspired by Jacqueline Perry and Mark Jordan’s usine encounter.

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