What to Watch: 01/06/2016

There’s a sense of whimsy in the air as the 12th day of Christmas is counted off (and will someone please tell me what to do with these 42 swans a-swimming?). The most surreal sitcom returns on FXX, as does perhaps the best conventional one (on ABC), while ABC Family airs the 1971 classic featuring the most silly (and subversive) Candy Man

Man Seeking Woman [FXX, 10:30p]
Season two is here!! Finally, more of Josh and his super relatable dating follies with a twist, a twist of the supernatural. This show continues to stand out because in a surreal world where fights with resurrected lumberjacks take place we are reminded that those are still not the worst parts of dating.

The Middle [ABC, 8:30p]
Cool sounding A through C plots see Sue pledging every sorority — which should be equal parts sweetly funny and cringeworthy — Mike trying to master social media, and Brick in pants-buying mode. All of these will hopefully wash out the taste of the blah, overly (and awkwardly) church-y Christmas episode.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory [ABC Family, 8p]
Charlie has the golden ticket in this 1971 classic.

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