What to Watch: 01/01/2016

Young rappers’ dreams, NCAA Football’s longest day, and one last helping of shameless and glittery Christmas cheer are on the brunch table for the first day of 2015.

A Christmas Melody [Hallmark, 8p]
Mariah Carey stars (as but a minor character) in this schmaltzy film about a mom and her daughter desperately trying to fit in after returning to their hometown.

The Rap Game [Lifetime, 10p]
Five kids (ages 12-16) are hand-picked by Jermaine Dupri to compete in a hip-hop bootcamp in hopes of winning a record deal with SoSo Def. Oh yeah, did I mention three of the contestants are female? I’m in.

Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl [ESPN, 2p]
It’s a lazy, predictable choice for the holiday — while I’m not particularly a college football fan, it’s a jubilant day of timeless bowl games featuring some of the greatest all time programs — and Iowa. And after the year of sports heartaches that is the existence of most fans (i.e. fans of 118 out of 122 big four major league sports teams don’t taste the championship), it’s nice to just watch for the sake of watching sometimes.

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