What to Watch: 12/30/2015

As the days wind down to 2016’s coming out party, choices become less paradoxical, and more cut, more dried. The Goonies r certainly good enough, food may seemingly need no defense, but Michael Pollan nevertheless offers some great points from his series of books, and it’s a silly gimmick, but some fun and affable stars play pranks as they plant themselves among us normals and wait for the “wait, aren’t you”s to fly in…

The Goonies [VH1, 8p]
Wax Poetic about being a 80s baby with a visit from one of the Coreys, pirate booty and raging teenage hormones. Never say die!

In Defense of Food [PBS, 9p]
Michael Pollan visits Tanzania, Paris, and California in search of The Healthy Lifestyle.

I Get That A Lot [CBS, 8p]
Not that network heads are running out of ideas, but this little time filler could be a bit of fun, particularly with this diverse set of celebs so affable and talented — oh, and Guy Fieri also.


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