What to Watch: 12/29/2015

Kennedy Center honors the creator of musical Tapestries, an Oscar-winning actress whose feelings about “America” are well documented, and three other luminaries, including some George Lucas fella who apparently created Space Battles or some such(?). Other than that, the market for new shows is rather sparse, so may as well nap then turn on USA late tonight and go deep into the dark underbelly of one of the best shows on television this year, Mr. Robot as they’re going 26.2 with it overnight.

Kennedy Center Honors [CBS, 9p]
Carole King, George Lucas, Rita Moreno, Cicely Tyson and Seiji Ozawa are honored in this Colbert-hosted special. Janelle Monae, Aretha Franklin, and James Taylor are among the performers, and Lin-Manuel Miranda (destined to be a recipient himself) is among the many appearances.

Mr. Robot Marathon [USA, starting at 11p]
Go back to the beginning of this hacker-vigilante-thriller and catch all the crazy plot twists of one of the best shows of the year.

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