What to Watch: 12/20/2015

A bright Chritmas story, a dark tale of marriage, and some classy homes…

Christmas Land [Hallmark, 8p]
I haven’t reached my small-town-appeal-wins-over-the-big-city Christmas movie quota yet so thus here we are. Grab your hot cocoa and watch as a woman set on getting rid of the Christmas tree farm she inherited has a change of heart once she goes there and spends some time with the townies.

The Affair [Showtime, 10 p]
The season two finale includes a “startling admission!” Watch out, Noah.

Great Houses with Julian Fellowes [PBS, 8p]
A fellow who knows a thing or two about writing for great houses has been giving a tv tour of hallowed homes. He wraps up with a three-centuries old Sussex spot, as the countdown to Downton’s final days ticks on.

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