What to Watch: 12/10/2015

Nathan For You [Comedy, 10p]
Discomfiting Nathan for You started the 3rd season on a hilarious note with his zig-zagging — and ultimately very sweet — battle with Best Buy and its matching policies, and neurotically (and peculiarly) charming host Nathan Fielder seems poised to go out on the same bang. In season finale, “The Hero,” Fielder takes a somewhat uncomfortable looking in previews average joe and quests to turn him into a national hero — assuredly in his own quixotic manner.         

Elf [ABC Family, 9p]
When I tire of the crowds in midtown this time of year and get into a holiday slump Buddy always knows how to reel me back in. His absurd enthusiasm for snowflake decorating, freestyle songs about his missing dad and his diet composed entirely of sugar always make me feel better about my life. And when else can we see Zooey Deschanel rocking blonde bangs?

Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors [NBC, 9p]
PRAISE DOLLY, I almost picked Toy Story, a befuddling holiday tradition which lacks a winter holiday. Dolly’s Christmas gift to us is a dramatization of young Dolly’s life, inspired by her childhood. Dolly deserves better, but until she gets her own biofilm, let’s bite our tongue about Ricky Schroeder as Dolly’s father.

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