WHAT TO WATCH: 12/05/2015

The Flight Before Christmas [Lifetime, 8pm]
Tis the season to get stranded in airports after getting dumped by your boyfriend. I was feeling really bad for Mayim Bialik but sprinkle a little Christmas magic and voila, being stranded is not so bad when you meet Mr. Right. Bonus points for the Family Matters reunion of Carl and Harriette Winslow.

It’s A Wonderful Life [NBC, 8pm]
Every time George Bailey jumps off a bridge, we believe in Christmas again, even if the original film has been formatted to fit this time slot.

Ash v Evil Dead [Starz, 9pm]
One of the greatest (and goofiest) zombie killers, Bruce Campbell’s Ash continues to fight the quirky fight in this extension of the Sam Raimi franchise which has not failed to delight.

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