What to Watch: 12/02/2015

The Middle [ABC, 8p]
A Hecks road trip {to Des Moines, no less}, An Axl/Sue-Sue face off, Brick being Brick, and the returns of guest stars Jack McBrayer (Frank Heck’s boss) and John Cullum (Mike Heck’s father) — that’s a lotta plots, but The Middle may be the best show currently on the air at juggling an affluence of stories.

Racing Extinction [Disc, 9p]
If you want to learn more about the environmental issues plaguing us today to make the world a better place or just to feel smarter, Racing Extinction is a great place to start. Mass animal extinction and global climate change are usually serious buzz kills but this award-winning documentary inspires us to make a difference by starting with one small action. Plus, the social media campaigns are pretty cool, too. #startwith1thing
Dodgeball [Esq, 8p] or Big Daddy [MTV, 8p]
Big Daddy and Dodgeball both air at 8 p.m. on MTV and Esquire, respectively, which are guaranteed to bring you more joy than A Gift Wrapped Christmas on Lifetime.

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